Insights from EURA Conference 2013 and Smart Cities. What we most liked.

At our meeting at EURA Conference 2013 in Twente University our primary interest has been to present and discuss the work done along 2013 on smart cities in a comparative perspective. Being at track 3 on innovations of governance in cities and urban regions allowed us to receive comments from attendants and improve the work we presented in Baltimore the month before.

Very interesting to us have been the contributions by Karen Mossberger [we recommend to see her works at ResearchGate]. Karen has been Professor of Public Administration and Head of the Public Administration Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and she has just been hired by Arizona State University. Karen Mossberger said our research was of interest to her, and this is a encouraging praise, coming from someone with her impresive background.

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Mossberger is author of outstanding works on local governance, urban policy, policy learning, information technology and e-government. Her book on Digital Cities: The Internet and the Geography of Opportunity (Oxford University Press, fall 2012) co-authored with Caroline Tolbert and William Franko is a must read for the summer. Previous books include Digital Citizenship: The Internet, Society and Participation (Mossberger, Tolbert and McNeal 2008, MIT Press) and Virtual Inequality: Beyond the Digital Divide (Mossberger, Tolbert and Stansbury 2003). “Race, Place, and Information Technology” won the best paper award for the Public Policy Section of the American Political Science Association in 2005. Mossberger has also been evaluating the Smart Communities Program, a federally-funded technology training and outreach program in 5 low-income Chicago neighborhoods, which is of interest to us.

We were lucky to have comments and test our ideas with other members in the track, and from personal discussions with many members of the panel and attendants to the Conference. Special thanks to Wendy Tan, Board of Megacities Foundation, who is helping us searching info on chinese smart cities.

Beside the thrust and depth of the scientific work carried out and presented at the Conference by attendants we would also like to emphasize:

  • The interest of Twente University as a place to carry out discussions of this sort. Twente is a “high tech spot with a human touch.” Strong in the human touch side is the Public Administration Department, created with the vision to enhance the impact and adoption of (useful) technologies for society.
  • How much I liked Mark Dijksman presentation showing a fina example on how a student of public policy may be part of an innovative enterprise.
  • The quality of the meeting, both in terms of the experts convened -Bas Denters and Marcel Boogers were key at our track on cities and urban regions- and the coordination and care for details making us feel at home. The interest of debates are great seeds for joint projects, innovative ideas and identification of patterns of continuity in public policy. From this perspective the coordination of Seeta Autar and Marcia Clifford: really top class!
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Your comments on EURA Conference 2013 are most welcomed in this post. Please participate!

You are also invited to see details on out presentation in these two slideshows: Innovations in Cities and Urban Regions, and further details of Cases in Comparative Perspective: China, Malaysia, Japan, New York, Tarragona.

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