A start up called government –local government!

Let us share with you this very interesting annual review of the smart city initiatives carried out by the city of San Francisco along 2012. It has been published in the spring 2013 and it is an interesting backdrop against other world cases we have so far studied and those we are analyzing now: Malaga, Tarragona and Santander, as well as Amsterdam in the European context.

Access full report here:

A Start up Called Government

Interested in differences with other world cases? See how different it is from approaches promoted by the European Union –we recommend you this other post for this purpose: Governing the smart city initiatives at the European Union.  You might also have a look at the cases of China, Iskandar (Malaysia), Japan, New York in the United States and Tarragona in this presentation.

Interested in the skills that citizens ought to have in smart city context? we invite yout to see this other presentation: The smart citizen: Skills, social media and PLEs for education and leave us comments to complete it -it is work in progress

What would you import from the case of San Francisco to your own city? Comments are welcomed to this post, and you are also welcomed to join the community in Google Plus!

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