World Smart Expo Barcelona 2013. Smart Cities, Smart Citizens. Comparing Global Trends: China, Japan, Malaysia, United States and Europe

November 2013, Barcelona:  A global meeting on Smart Cities has taken place at the Fira, introduced the day before by an exclusive meeting held at ESADE of the Smart World Council. To be informed on the Smart City Expo and how the industry, local leaders and institutions positioned themselves you might  see our Storifytelling you the best of what happened, who was there, who got awards and the best ideas. And we have even more. Just read ahead… [Liking this post? You might share it further using this link:]

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We are attending the Expo, and we have prepared the following to share with you our knowledge on Smart Cities and Smart Citizens: “Comparing Global Trends: China, Japan, Malaysia, United States and Europe”, studies that you might download for free. Currently we are working on smart cities from a comparative and scientific perspective together with the Spanish Official Association of Telecommunications Engineering (COIT) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM). Most recently we have presented  the following reports at international congresses that are available for free download:

Smart Cities: China, Japan, Malaysia, United States, Spain  presented in Baltimore by Carmen Navarro, Ph.D

Within the collaboration with with the Spanish Official Association of Telecommunications Engineering (COIT) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) we also have developed the following resources: A global and open community in Google+ [Join for free here, just having a Google+ account]. Developed together with researchers from UAM. It is only necessary to be Google+ member in order to participate with specialists, companies and local leaders at the national, European Union and Global. We are over 103 members from august 2013.

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The Smart Lab focusing on what kind of citizen does smart cities need in different geographycal contexts What are the 2020 citizen ideals? How far from ideals are we today?


Here you also have available this resources:

– The magazine Smart Cities and Internet of Things [available here to suscribe for free]

– The visual panel on smart topics, which helps us to understand the changes through images.



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– Besides the full conference program of the SmartCityCongress [and the YouTube Channel of the SmartCity Congress is available here]. The expo could be followed using the following Twitter hashtags:  #smartcityEXPO and #CitiSense2013.

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This blog post has been prepared by Olga Gil. Olga can be reached for collaborations on smart cities issues at @OlgaG and olgagil at olgagil dot es. Her profile and full details are here  …We have been working on smart cities since 2010, for companies such us Fundación Telefonica and Ferrovial. From that date we wrote reports on trends in global thinking with an eye on year 2020 in different areas of the planet: the United States, Russia , China, Brazil…Imagen 7

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